Toshiba Mobile Air Conditioning Unit KYR-25CO/X1C

only £379.00

Symphony DiET22T Evaporative Air Cooler

only £239.00

Symphony DiET8T Evaporative Air Cooler

only £159.00

MP Essentials 9000 BTU Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Interior & Ex...

only £599.99

Air conditioning is often shortened to aircon or just A/C and is the process of altering the temperature and humidity of the air being distributed into an occupied space to improve the level of comfort for the occupants. The full system of heating, ventilation and cooling is referred to as HVAC or basically air conditioning with a heating cycle available. This is not usually practical as an aftermarket installation for the average domestic dwelling because of the amount of work and disruption involved. It is therefore restricted to mainly new build flats, houses at the top end of the market or hotels and office blocks also factories where air quality is important for production or equipment. The small domestic units available on this site are either portable or require the minimum of installation which can easily be achieved by any competent DIYer. They fall into three groups:- Evaporative Coolers, Mobile Air Conditioners and Split Air Conditioners, they are not intended as whole house solutions but depending upon size will effectively control the comfort in one or two rooms.

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